• Community Events

    Our amazing LEGO Candy Grabber is always a hit at events all over Shanghai, causing queues of eager youngsters - and parents - just itching to test out their skills, and to see whether our machine is rigged (it isn't). Pneumatic presses, carnival swings and robotic mouse traps (eek!) are often part of our interactive model displays, so kids who haven't mastered the art of winning candy can console themselves by spinning, whirring and (gently) snapping some of the coolest LEGO                                                     models in Shanghai! If you want us at one of your events, let us know!

  • Company Events

    LEGO is definitely not just for young'uns! The Genius Workshop can also provide the entertainment at company events for adults, including (but not limited to) opening ceremonies, team-building activities, birthday parties (without the children)... If you have an idea, float is past us and see if we can help!

  • School Activities

    Our school enrichment programs include our ever-popular workshops (please contact us or visit our International Schools page to see if our classes are offered at your children's school), field trips (held at our centers), celebration activities, and attendance at the fantastic events held by schools themselves.

  • Other Activities

    If you can think of any other way that we may be of service to you or your business, please contact us at the closest centre to you.