2017 Winter Camp——green journey

Environmental concept already enjoys popular support,

But do kids really understand what's going on in the future?

Winter camp of The Genius Workshop,

To bring you an exclusive "green journey"!


How to understand the existing environmental problems,

How to concrete waste classification,

When searching for wildlife,

Are you consciously sent to protected areas?

Will the cleaners be replaced by robots in the future? 

Make its work more efficient and environmentally friendly?

If it is replaced, then these workers will go from here?

Will it trigger a series of social problems?

For example, the unemployment rate of the environmental protection industry will not rise sharply?

These are the questions that we want to guide the children to think about


The Genius Workshop will lead you one by one.


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Past review

2016 Christmas Camp-Jurassic Escape

During the Mesozoic Era, also known as the Age of Reptiles , different families of dinosaurs roamed the ocean, the land and the sky.

But the dinosaurs suddenly disappeared in the late Cretaceous period, the mystery continues for centuries and so far there's still no definite answer ......

The geological age of the dinosaurs survived we call it "the Jurassic era".

What kind of creatures existed in the Jurassic period? What kind of changes did they actually experience in the Cretaceous period?
Now, during the Christmas holiday of 2016, let us - the Genius Workshop - take your children back to the Mesozoic Era nearly 2 million years ago , to explore the mysterious world of DINOSAURS!