2017 Summer Holiday

The Genius Workshop is offering Summer Camps as an addition to our regular LEGO based workshops, at our four centers across Shanghai.

Let your children stretch their imagination as they build cities, put together business plans for their inventions of the future, and even film their own LEGO movie! With a range of themes and projects (listed below), and different camps for different age groups, there will without a doubt be something to suit everyone!

Projects as follows:

Theme Park

Being thrilled on the roller coaster or observing the amazing view from the Ferris wheel, a theme park has all the excitement you need. Join us to design, build and operate a theme park this summer for your families and friends to have the best time of their lives!


Ever wondered why race cars are faster than conventional vehicles? Or why some cars are more stable than others? Through our Automaker Camp, children will experiment with all kinds of car to discover how to make the fastest car of them all.



City Metropolis


With many cities around the world facing disasters every day, if given a chance, how would YOU build a city to withstand these tragic events? Be a part of the government and build a safe LEGO city for your citizens now with City Metropolis!


RPG Maker

You might have let you child play games on your phone but do they know how games are created? From creating the story, setting up characters to designing the map and giving it an “ending” with the RPG Maker, your child can understand what a video game truly is!




It’s a bird? It’s a plane? No, it’s your super child! Help to save the world this summer in our Superheroes Camp to experience what’s it like to be a superhero. Are you ready to use your super powers to defeat all the evil villains?


Robo Quest

Venture through the Robotics Quest with TGW this summer! Design a robot, brainstorm a strategy, and complete different missions to become the next Robomaster!

-Build a robot with other teammates

-Develop teamwork and communication skills

JR Camp (ages 4-6):
Only half day (10:00 - 12:00) available: 2000 RMB

SR Camp (ages 7-14):
Half day (10:00 - 12:30) - 2400 RMB

Full day (13:30 - 16:00) - 4000 RMB

For more details, please call the center most convenient for you:

NFC Center (closest metro: Zunyi Road): 6278 0655

Huashan Center (closest metro: Jiangsu Road): 182 2110 2128

Hongmei Center (closest metro: Longxi Road): 6446 6766

SML Center (closest metro: Dapuqiao): 6126 6526

Pudong Center (closest metro: Huamu Road): 5033 3053