Mechanic Workshop(3 - 6 YRS)

Through the eight levels of Mechanic Exploration, our pre-schoolers learn about and work with various mechanical concepts, which they (and their parents also!) may or may not have noticed at play in their daily lives. Gears, pulleys and inclined planes are just a few examples of the many mechanisms that our students come across in class - they'll have to get their fingers ready to snap the bricks, push the axles and squeeze the pulley wheels together. The practice can begin as early as at the age of 3!

Program Benefits:

I. Trains up children's fine motor skills

II. Encourages children to express their ideas through interactive playing

III. Teaches children to explore a variety of solutions to presented challenges through LEGO-building

IV. Introduces children to basic architectural and engineering concepts

V. Stimulates creativity through small games/stories and model expansion