Company Introduction

Playing is essential to child development. While at play, children form memories which can last them for decades, as well as develop thinking patterns which can shape their lives. Many elementary schools have begun to incorporate forms of play, including LEGO-building, into their admissions interviews - not as a way to set little ones at ease, but as a means of assessing their creativity, logical thinking, attention span, motor skills... The list is endless! Observing how children behave during play can allow adults to understand their strengths and weaknesses. And then? Instead of bending their minds to fit the world around them, kids can experience a way of learning tailored to them.

That's exactly what we at The Genius Workshop do. Arriving in China all the way from Canada in 2004, we are committed to providing a stimulating, creative and exciting learning experience that lets children thrive and perform to the best of their ability, no matter what their strengths might be. With courses to suit children between the ages of 3 and 14, and staff dedicated to nourishing their potential, our centers and curriculums give kids something altogether priceless: the opportunity to learn while playing.

Learn + Play = Genius