Our Staff

The Genius Workshop prides itself on having inspiring, knowledgeable and super-fun teachers. We all remember the teachers who made the most impact on our educational careers, and we in turn want to inspire and lead young minds to thrive.

The pride and joy of our organization is centered around our dedicated, motivated, energetic and friendly team of instructors.

Each instructor brings their own unique style and personality to every class, but they all share the same excitement and passion to guide each child as they learn while they play!

As the manager of SML center and also a professional instructor in TGW, Mr Wills devotes himself to education for 5 years.He loves this job which can spend time with these lovely kids.And he hopes he can grow up with kid together and help them learn more.Enter in children's world,know more about them.

Students call her Sunny Laoshi and, as a sunny day,She really minds to leave a smile on their face once class is over.Because when kids have fun, they dont realize they are learning even if, of course, they are.

As one of our most dedicated instructors, Angus has many years experience not just on guiding teams of kids on building, programming, and elevating their knowledge of motors and sensors, he also mentors our young engineers for various robotics competitions throughout the year.  With a natural ability to explain complex concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand manner, he's fun, friendly, and the best person you want on your side when it comes to LEGO robotics!

Ms. Mandy is one of the hardest working instructors in town.  Besides being a high-level teacher to kids, she understands all the various benefits that LEGO  style education can bring and is happy to share this knowledge with parents.  With years of experience as a course consultant, she is the first choice when it comes to getting a thorough understanding of why learning + play = genius!

Lavender has committed herself to developing her love of play in education since 2010.  An expert communicator and always looking for ways to learn and grow, she is the ideal candidate for kids looking for a role model who enjoys life – balancing when to be serious with fun and always with a sense of joy for what she does.  Everyday is an opportunity to learn with Lavender!

As a mother of a young child herself, Lillian understands first-hand how learning thru play can impact the lives of children.  Seeing the spark generated from curious minds grow from building with their tiny hands, Lillian is passionate about speaking of the benefits of playing while you learn – a useful quality to have being in charge of sales and course consulting.  Ask her anything about building blocks, programming, game-design, and animation!


One of the most well-rounded instructors on hand is Charlotte.  Specializing in teaching DUPLO mechanics, she has multiple years experience making sure our youngest children understand the basic fundamentals of physics – paving the way for more complicated concepts down the road.  Her ability to nurture the fire of curiosity that kids already naturally have mixed with her caring personality makes her one of the most well-loved members of the team!

Unique not just in name but in character too, years of experience has placed Pomegrey as one of the most knowledgeable instructors around.  While he has in-depth instruction ability in every curriculum, he especially enjoys teaching RPG game-making, stop-motion animation, and robotics.  He is detail-oriented, emphasizes clarity when speaking, and knows how to keep kids focused and on task!