International School

Learning Beyond Academy

Based in Pudong, Learning Beyond Academy is a quiet haven from the bustling area that it is set in. Small class sizes, a passion for enriching students' lives, and a strong mission statement all make LBA feel less like a school, and more like a big, supportive family. Classes run from pre-K to K12, and all students are encouraged to make the most of their time at the school, and actively participate in extra-curricular activities such as music, dance and sport.

The Genius Workshop has been offering Mechanics (DUPLO) classes at LBA for over a year, and has also had the pleasure of entertaining older Science students at our Pudong Center for a personalized field trip. Our Mechanics classes always take a turn for the creative side, as LBA's super-smart (and always very well-behaved!) youngsters use their imagination to change turnstiles into helicopters, long beams into toothbrushes, and even gears into flowers and umbrellas!